Car Polish

Range of Benefits for the Car Polish.

Corrects paint defects

Most cars have small defects in the paint job, be it lines, an uneven coating, or swirl marks. The good news is a good car polish can help. A polish’s abrasive properties even up the paint job and make the surface look smooth.

Hide spots

Sometimes, cars have stubborn spots in the paint job that just don’t seem to go away. Even though a polish won’t remove these spots, a thorough polishing will make them harder to see.

Eliminate scratches

Remove small, shallow scratches with a coat of car polish. The polish can fill in these scratches if they’re small enough, making the overall paint job look much better.

Make the finish glossy and smooth

The buffing, filling, and smoothing properties of car polish can help even the paint job on your car. The polishing process also leaves an extra shine and gloss—just like when you first bought the vehicle. Follow up with a coat of wax to keep everything sealed.

Extend the life of the paint job

Polishes maintain and extend the life of the paint by removing dirt that’s too stubborn for normal washing. It also removes oxidized paint and helps condition the paintwork, making it more resistant to cracking, drying, and peeling.

Reduce your car wash frequency

If you polish and wax your car regularly, you can cut down on the number of car washes because less dirt adheres to the vehicle. Most dirt or debris should be removable with a quick wipe down.

Improve the resale value

A car with a well-maintained, glossy paint job can fetch a better price than one that wasn’t maintained regularly. The quality of the paint job says a lot about the quality of the car itself.

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